Günther Rabl - Werke 14
€6.00 - €12.00

  • Günther Rabl - Werke 14
  • Günther Rabl - Werke 14
  • Günther Rabl - Werke 14
  • Günther Rabl - Werke 14

Günther Rabl - Werke 14
€6.00 - €12.00

ccr 414

music for multidimensional contemplation

1 cycle 1 4:28
2 cycle 2 4:32
3 cycle 3 4:32
4 release 4 9:10
5 cycle 5 4:27
6 release 6 8:01
7 cycle 7 4:27
8 cycle 8 4:35
9 closing cycle 1 4:33
total 48:49

Threnody (elegy) – The title is a reference to an archaic form. (It has nothing to do with 'lamenting,' 'moaning' or 'bickering'). When I made a decision for this form, which is not at all typical for my work, the world was shaken by the catastrophy of Fukoshima and the riots in Northern Africa. Once again we drastically hat to notice how fragile our nice world is when cataclysms occure, either natural or political.
With Threnody I do not refer directly to these occurencies. But parallel events are never independent (as we musicians know). So, maybe I do.
The music is based on a special sound generator, which I – building upon years of preliminary work – developed in Winter 2010/11. This generator creates multidimensional, holistic wave forms that can be heard on just as many loudspeakers. (Several such generators are combined into a type of organ). The inner core of such a generator is a multidimensional 'phasor', a rotation matrix derived from the innumerably different variants of a magic square of the magnitude 10*10.
We hear this sound as a chord built by just a few sine waves. Amazing, however, is the foreignness as well as familiarness of its chord progresions. It is not based on any tonal system.
Knowbody can tell us how many possibilities there are to arrange a magic square 10*10 (anyway an astronomically high number). At least 3.5 millions of them can be combined to a cycle resulting in as many different chords.
Up to now I have prepared two versions of them. The one consists of monoton changes, lasting about 120 days without repetition. The otherone is reminiscent of sound bowls, lasting 200 days totally.
For this CD I chose a minor cycle where both versions are alternating included.